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LR Baggs M1PASSIVE Acoustic Pickup

Pop in this L.R. Baggs M1 Passive Soundhole Magnetic Pickup in your favorite acoustic guitar and lay down amplified tunes all night long till the sun comes up!

"It sounds great for live use, running through your P.A., its gonna sound great, really natural, but the best thing about it is its sonic flexibility. You can basically have one and put it on any of your guitars giving you a lot of flexibility, without having to modify your guitar."- Dino Meneghin

The L.R. Baggs M1 Passive Soundhole Magnetic Pickup delivers a balanced sound, amplifying the natural lows and highs of your acoustic guitar by capturing both string and soundboard vibrations, creating a huge and natural sound from one pickup. The M1 includes a built-in all Class A discrete preamp along with L.R. Baggs' exclusive patent pending Tri-Axial Dynamic Technology dual-coil design providing pristine, full tones with outstanding body sensitivity that resist feedback, and noise and hum, without cutting out string and body sound. The M1 also features individually adjustable pole pieces with smooth, threadless tops allowing for the perfect balance in any acoustic guitar.

The M1 will fit guitars with sound holes larger than 3.5" that are centered beneath the strings. Ensure that this product will fit the guitar properly before installing the strapjack. The installation procedure is very simple; however, we recommend that any woodworking (for instance, drilling a strapjack hole) be performed by a professional dealer/installer. We do not provide advice or support for home or hobbyist wood working.