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Keith Curtis & Clifton 203 16" Viola


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The shop of Keith, Curtis and Clifton continues to make some of the most affordable and best European instruments available today. This viola is a great European, student-quality instrument built for excellent tone, reliability and outstanding value.

Their total commitment to make quality instruments by hand and offering them at the lowest possible price sets this European maker apart from all others. They not only offer a great value, but also an instrument at every play-ing level - from student to professional. The KCC model 203 viola is a definitive favorite among teachers and players alike. 

All are made from loft seasoned European tone wood and German ebony. Instruments from this shop are still a very good value in this ever changing market. The top of the 203 model is made from German fine-grain spruce that has been loft-seasoned for ten years, and the back, sides, and neck are constructed of lightly flamed maple. Featuring inlaid purfling and German ebony fittings for lasting durability, playability and value, this viola is fully hand-crafted and hand-graduated in Romania.

European instruments remain a staple and offer good, consistent tone, durability, longevity and traditional European sound that will improve with age and playing. Superior European materials combined with traditional hand skill combines for an instrument that will be enjoyed for many years to come.