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Ibanez IGBMIKRO Small Scale Electric Guitar Gigbag

Ibanez IGBMIKRO gig bags are custom-made for the compact Ibanez miKro guitars. Lightweight, secure and perfectly matched for the diminutive yet mighty miKro models, the IGBMIKRO bags are essential for keeping your scaled-down axes as safe as your regular-sized instruments.

For GRG miKro El. Guitar

Shoulder pads
Bottom pocket


  • A?Exterior Length 960mm
  • B?Exterior Width 345mm
  • C?Exterior Depth 65mm
  • D?Interior Overall Length 930mm
  • E?Interior Lower Body Width 325mm
  • F?Interior Depth 50mm
  • G?Interior Upper Body Width 300mm
  • H?Interior Lower Body Length 470mm
  • I?Interior Neck Width 150mm
  • Weight 0.7kg