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Presonus AudioBox USB 96 - 25th Anniversary Edition Audio Interface

Start Recording Guitar Today!

The AudioBox USB 96 25th Anniversary Edition is a special reissue of PreSonus’ best-selling AudioBox USB® 96 interface in a sleek, black enclosure.

The heart of the AudioBox 96 Studio is PreSonus’ best-selling AudioBox USB® 96 interface, which captures your recordings in stellar studio quality. Its two front-mounted XLR / ¼” combo jacks let you connect a pair of mics for recording acoustic guitar or electric guitar cabinets. Alternatively, you can simply plug your electric guitars in directly and record direct, using Studio One Artist’s Ampire for world-class guitar amp and cab tones — and without your cranked Bassman angering your neighbors. And since there are two inputs, you and a friend can record guitar and bass or vocals and guitar simultaneously to separate tracks to mix later.

The Main Outputs allow you to connect professional studio monitors, and the surprisingly loud headphone out ensures that you’ll monitor your productions clear as day without bothering anybody. And it’s got MIDI I/O on the back for connecting external controllers or instruments.

Finally, you get over $1000 USD of inspiring professional audio software — including Studio One Artist and the Studio Magic Suite, so your productions will be a step ahead from day one.

Bus-powered, built to travel, and with the most complete recording software package of any interface in its class, the AudioBox USB 96 makes recording easy—there’s no wonder why it’s PreSonus’ best-selling interface of all time.

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