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Eastman VC315 4/4 Cello Outfit with Bag and Bow

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As students develop their skills, they need instruments that can handle their new playing needs. Eastman step up cellos are the next step for advancing players, offering enhanced tone and playability and fostering further musical growth.

Eastman’s step up cellos have the full sound to support the ensemble, and the clarity to stand out in solo passages.

By the time an Eastman reaches the player, dozens of expert craftspeople have had a hand in bringing it to the peak of its sound, playability, and beauty. The traditional 19th century European workshop methods we employ impart each with a beautiful voice and appearance that can only be achieved by hand.

Eastman step up cellos are constructed using select flamed maple backs and spruce tops. They are finished with hand-applied shaded spirit varnish, resulting in eye-catching instruments that sound full and resonant.