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Ibanez P300H Promethean 300 Watt Bass Head


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Designed for busy working musicians, the newly redesigned Promethean amplifier is the perfect fit for traveling from venue to venue. This Class-D amp offers more than just reliability. A new powerful output and new selected functions make it easier to adjust during live performances. If you''re on stage, you need a dependable workhorse of an amp; you need the Promethean.

3 Band Tone Control
Promethean amps feature a simple 3-band tone control to adjust the tonal character.

Line Out
The XLR output sends a balanced signal to the mixing console and/or main PA system in any live or studio situation. GND Lift can cut ground loops with other connected equipment.

The included aux input allows you to play along with a connected MP3 or CD player. The headphone out is great for bedroom jam sessions or sound checks at rehearsal.

Limiter On/Off Switch
The P300H/P3110/P3115 feature an internal limiter.

Phat Control
The Phat control provides enhanced bottom and high end tone.


  • Output: 300W @4Ω
  • Controls: Gain, High, Mid, Low, Phat, Master, Limiter on / off switch
  • i/o's: Input, AUX input, Headphones Out, Line out, Speaker out (1 / 4" x 2)
  • Size: (mm) 240 mm(W) x 230 mm(D) x 54 mm(H)
  • Weight: 2.2kg