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NUX AC-25 25-Watt Rechargeable Acoustic Amplifier

Busk your acoustic sound anywhere!

NUX AC-25 is a compact acoustic amplifier with a built-in rechargeable battery that can run up to 4 hrs for busking. It equips a 6.5" speaker, Modeling Preamps, Reverb, Bluetooth Audio Stream, Drum Machine. You can tweak it through Stageman APP on the mobile phone. The dual-channel configuration means you can plug a dynamic mic and your acoustic guitar. You can play playbacks via Bluetooth Audio Stream, or auxiliary input. Let's busk on the streets!

Natural sound with Amp Modeling technology.

AC-25 offers you Stageman and LBox amp models, the Stageman is based on NUX's iconic acoustic amp which has a rich bass response and warm sound, and the LBox is based on the famous US acoustic amp brand which offers transparent acoustic tone.

Dual-channel for instrument and mic.

For buskers, AC-25 is quite user-friendly, the simple control panel configuration with intuitive APP user interface lets you get the great sound easily.
  • 25W warm sound with Amp Modeling technology.(Stageman / LBox).
  • Plate & Hall reverb.
  • Dual-channel for instrument and mic.
  • Battery power for 4 hrs performing.
  • Bluetooth for APP & Audio Stream.
  • Input impedance: CH1= 1M ohm, CH2= 2K ohm.
  • Dimension: 280(L) x 218(D) x 220(H) mm.
  • Weight: 5 kg.