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BBE Green Screamer Modified Vintage Overdrive Effect Pedal


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Built from high-quality components and featuring a low-noise design with plenty of gain to top it off, the Green Screamer V2 underwent a complete redesign by the BBE team. Using the previous incarnation as a focal point, V2 culminates in the next evolution of the “green” circuit. Like the beloved Green Screamers before it, the Green Screamer V2 delivers a solution to all your overdrive needs plus a switchable input buffer, a true bypass, and a three-position deep switch. Crank up the overdrive and you’ll be treated to tone that’ll have your hair standing on end.
A workhorse of an overdrive pedal, perfect for gigging pedalboards
A complete redesign of the previous Green Screamer
Delivers great transparency and versatility
Features a modified "green" overdrive circuit built from the ground up
4558 op-amp circuitry provides low noise with plenty of gain
Top mounted input, output, and DC inlet
Offers true bypass, switchable input buffer, and 3-position deep switch