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Used (2021) Ampeg SVT-7 Pro 1000-Watt Bass Amplifier Head

The Ampeg® SVT® line of pro-level amps is synonymous with power and durability—and with the SVT-7PRO, you can add light weight to the list.

Thanks to its Class D power amp and switchmode power supply, the SVT-7PRO delivers a full kilowatt of ferocious, lightning-quick sound into a 4-ohm load at just 15.5 pounds. Like its stablemates in the SVT line, Ampeg packs the SVT-7PRO offers with extensive tone shaping. In addition to Ampeg’s classic 5-position Midrange control, which allows you to dial in the center frequency of the peaking midrange filter, there’s shelving bass and treble filters and Ultra-Hi and Ultra-Lo boost switches to beef up the extreme ends of the frequency spectrum.

The SVT-7PRO delivers signature fat and warm Ampeg Round Sound, plus the precise transient response and clarity that a Class D power amp affords. It may not weigh much, but 1,000 watts on tap means it can drive any cabinet you desire, all the way up to the monster Heritage™ SVT-810E.

1,000 Watts 4 ohms/600 watts 8 ohms
Neutrik® speakON® outputs
Onboard compressor w/variable ratio (1:1–10:1)
Tube-driven balanced XLR output
Stereo Aux input
Removable rack ears
Switching power supply
15.5 lb (7.03 kg)