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Used Riversong P551CED "Dragon Slayer" Acoustic/Electric Guitar with Hardshell Case

Used Riversong P551CED "Dragon Slayer" in excellent condition. Body is clean with minimal surface level scratches on the backside of the body. Full fret life and checked by our in-house technician for setup and playability. This guitar comes with a hardshell case.

Why the Dragon Slayer? If you’re about to go into battle, you want a trusty weapon at your side.... This guitar is it, featuring our patented adjustable 
"Neck-thru" neck system which offers a fast and precise adjustment for action and intonation.  Along with the new hybrid top, back and sides that sound like a solid top, but have the strength and humidity benefits of a multi ply top guitar. 
This guitar's traditional look might make it seem unassuming on first glance but a closer examination reveals a fast comfortable neck profile, 2 octave fretboard, dual carbon fibre rods - everything you didn't know you needed in a guitar is here in a beautiful package.