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General maintenance, accidental damage, custom upgrades: The Fret Shop has you covered!

Have an instrument that doesn’t play quite like it used to? Did your mandolin take a nosedive on stage? Just starting to play, and would like the action lowered for easier playability? We have a full-time repair tech in house to meet our customer’s service needs. Most repairs can be completed in 5-7 working days, while some services, such as re-stringing, can be completed in one day. We have the tools and knowledge to get the job done right the first time. Let us inspect your instrument free of charge to determine if and what kind of work is needed. No appointment required!

Lifetime Setup Guarantee!

Our shop focuses on quality and satisfaction, including after the sale. Instruments purchased through us include free in house setups, as long as you own the instrument! End pin installation for ukuleles and acoustics that do not come with an endpin, are also free with purchase.

Specialized orchestral repairs are also available.

- Installation or adjustments for bridges, pegs, endpins, and soundposts and more
- Addition of fine tuners or pickups
- Structural repairs (cracks, fingerboard detachment, etc)

Need a bow rehair? We have a high quality specialized rehairs, as well as a bow trade in program for a budget friendly option.

Contact us with any questions, or for more details!

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