Guitar Instructors
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Brian Hudson ( ) — Guitar Concepts and Theory

Brian Hudson received his first instrument, a Hilo ukelele, from the original Fret Shop location on Pratt Ave. in 1983.  Mr. Hudson studied classical piano with Martha Sue Hutchens for 8 years while advancing his guitar studies largely on his own with his father’s encouragement.  Due to his classical guitar studies with Mr. Phil Weaver while earning a music performance degree from Alabama A&M University, he is open and capable of teaching concepts of music theory along with songs and repertoire.

His studies with Mr. Weaver allowed him to partake in master classes with Andrew York and William Kanengiser of the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, as well as Jason Vieaux and John Johns of Vanderbilt’s Blair School of Music.  Mr. Hudson also studied briefly and worked alongside Eddie Alford in teaching after-school guitar lessons at West Huntsville Elementary school via The Valley Conservatory; he continues to enjoy performing for charity and benefit events, as well as all-age community events in which children can be exposed to live music.  His experiences as a camp counselor for 3 years at Pine Hill Day Camp have motivated him in recent years to take on younger students, and in such a way that does not pressure those not ready or mature enough to take lessons regularly, so not to have a negative memory if they should return to the instrument, which can and has happened successfully during his career at The Fret Shop.  Former Fret Shop technician and instructor Matthew Gibbs aided Mr. Hudson in his jazz studies.

Mr. Hudson has an open-minded approach (in genre and technique: e.g., slide guitar, Travis-picking, etc.) in trying to cater to the student’s interests, goals, and needs.
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Newt Johnson ( ) — Guitar Fundamentals

Newt Johnson holds a degree from the University of Alabama in Huntsville in Jazz Piano Performance with secondary studies in classical piano, bass, and voice. While at UAH, Newt studied with renowned classical pianist Dr. Margery Whatley, Van Cliburn semifinalist Ron Roberts, jazz instructor Keith Taylor, and local jazz legend, Jim Cavender.

Newt is a regularly-performing musician in several local bands, including Rollin Jazz Revue, Trio El Camino, the LaRose Band, Discoasis, and Mambo Gris Gris. He spent a year as a touring member of the Skip Heller Trio and appears on the recordings Live at Ortlieb’s Jazz Haus, Along the Anchorline, and San Fernando Valley. The Rollin Jazz Revue, a modern jazz project which Newt co-founded, has recorded two albums for Startlingly Fresh Records: Halloween on Union Avenue and Elephants in the Crosswalk.

In addition to these activities, Newt serves sometimes as music director and often as a musician for special events and local theatre groups including, but not limited to, Butler Theatre, Lee Lyric Theatre, Renaissance Theatre, and Independent Musical Productions.

Blake Nix ( ) — Guitar Fundamentals

Blake Nix is a Huntsville, AL-based singer, songwriter, guitarist, bassist and instructor.  He has performed nationally and internationally, and enjoys many styles of music.  Blake was exposed to music at an early age by his mother, a classically-trained pianist with previous experience as an instructor and choir director, and his father, a self-taught folk guitar player.

Blake himself has been playing the guitar and bass for most of his life, and he has over 25 years of experience as a private music instructor.  Blake welcomes students of all ages and experience levels, teaching them the fundamentals of music theory that provide a foundation for many styles.  Blake’s teaching style encourages composition and improvisation as a means to understand music and musical expression.

For more information on Blake, visit his website at:
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Phil Weaver ( ) — Classical Acoustic Guitar

Classical guitarist Phil Weaver has been performing for over 30 years, in the United States and abroad.  He was the first guitarist to be awarded an individual artist’s fellowship from the Alabama State Council on the Arts, and is one of the few classical musicians on the Music Achievers roster at the Alabama Music Hall of Fame.

Phil is the founder and artistic director of the City Lights and Stars Series for Burritt Museum in Huntsville, an extremely popular outdoor concert series that presents nationally and regionally renowned artists.  He is also Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music at the University of Alabama in Huntsville*, where he directs the Guitar Ensemble, teaches Classical Guitar and a group Beginners Class for Acoustic Guitar.  Phil has given lessons at The Fret Shop for 2+ decades.

For more information on Phil, visit his website at:

( * – High school students may be eligible for college credit to study with Phil through UAH’s Dual Enrollment Program.  If you plan to major in music with guitar as your emphasis, or you simply wish to study guitar at the university level, you may want to consider this option.  Contact Phil by email for details. )

Check out Phil’s music video of Costa Rican composer Edin Solis’ guitar solo from Pasaje Abierto entitled, “Danza”, containing footage shot in ten locations by Jon Sawa and his crew from Prototype Multimedia.
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Steve Weber ( ) — Guitar Fundamentals

Steve Weber moved from Massachusetts to Huntsville in 1973, and has performed with many popular acts based in the North Alabama area including: the Nite Owls, Ground Level Sound and the Valley Cats.  In 2001, he became involved in the church ministry (and currently still is), performing at services and concerts, as well as appearing on three of their recorded cd’s.  Then in 2002, he branched out into solo performance playing at showcases and writer’s nights, as well as releasing his own recordings of Americana/Pop-flavored Folk Rock originals.

Steve studied Bass for a semester at the Berklee College Of Music, and has been teaching guitar and bass at The Fret Shop since 1985, thus providing income to further his musical pursuits while keeping up-to-date on the ever-evolving trends in music.

Click the links below to hear some examples of Steve’s playing, or for more information on Steve and his music, visit:

Spring Flight – MP3
Angels We Have Heard On High – MP3
So Far Away From Home – MP3