Riversong Thick/Power 1.5 mm Wooden Pick Set of 5

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Riversong Thick/Power 1.5 mm Wooden Pick Set of 5

1.5mm 3-ply Walnut pick. Walnut offers a punchier tone with a better low mid character. The “wear-in” is more pronounced and these picks are often compared to playing between a pick and fingers.

The secret is the orthotropic nature of wood meaning that wood has different properties in different planes, unlike plastics, that are isotropic in nature, they have the same properties in all planes. Wood alone has weakness due to cracking, however once we mix wood with isotropic materials, like our fibre tone, or flexitime, we can create a pick with the beneficial tone, wear-in, and hygroscopic nature of wood with the flexibility and feel of other materials. These aren’t your dad’s bread bag clips, these are precisely engineered multi-layer picks as unique in each model as the players who use them!

Mixing and Matching Sets is Also Possible. Please Message Us for Details!

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