FRET BUZZ v1.5 ~ Portable PA’s, Jazz Boxes galore, Taylor Mahogs & much more!

Welcome to the new FRET BUZZ E-Newsletter from TFS!
School is back in full swing, and that means rentals, rentals, rentals! So if you haven't rented your child's violin, viola or cello yet, you need to hurry down to TFS before they're all spoken for. We also have the instruction books and accessories they'll need, so hurry by the Shop today!

New GUILD Jazz Boxes are finally here (but not for long)!

The elegant tone quality and design of the A-150 Savoy will satisfy the skeptics and Jazz purists alike with its craftsmanship and class. Modern appointments, like the addition of an exceptionally-voiced DeArmond® 1000 floating pickup, along with its late-1950s Guild Orchestra Model design, makes this stylish swingster a must-have for your collection.

Also, another X-175 Manhattan from the Newark St. Collection is also on its way to TFS (the first one sold on the day we received it), adorned in a gorgeous Antique Burst finish, so don’t miss your chance to take this beaut for a test drive before it’s gone.

Attention Local Street Performers:
Before you busk, come see us!

New Portable PA’s are in stock NOW.

Peavey Escort 3000 Portable PATFS recently hosted the Huntsville Arts Counsel, Inc.’s “Beer & Busking” event to educate local street performers about the legalities of busking [performing in public for tips] in downtown Huntsville, and drink free beer, of course. It was nice to learn that you do not need a license to perform in public (so long as you’re only playing for tips). Downtown Huntsville’s Entertainment District is growing in popularity with locals and tourists alike, which has become a real boon for our local buskers and artists, so for more info and the shortlist on “busking etiquette,” be sure to visit the Huntsville Arts Counsel Inc.’s website.

That said, for those of you budding buskers out there who wish to rise above the din and be heard, yet you don’t have a roadie at your disposal to schlep your gear for you… fear not, for The Fret Shop has the portable PA solution to fit your budget, as well as your backseat.

Peavey PVi Portable PAThe new Peavey PVi [pictured left] series features a lightweight, compact design that packs a whopping 300 watts of power (150w per side), 2 loudspeakers and cables, 8 channels, built-in digital effects, MP3 playback via USB input and a 7-band EQ to allow for maximum tweakability in a variety of different gig environments.

Also in stock at TFS is the new Peavey Escort 3000 [top right], which integrates the entire PA system into one complete, easy-to-use, easy-to-transport, incredible sounding package. The new Escort series sports state-of-the-art features such as digital multi-effects, USB MP3 player, Peavey’s Midmorph® and patented FLS® (Feedback Locating System). The carrying case provides storage for everything you’ll need, and the case even includes luggage style wheels to roll the entire system away with ease.

Fender Passport Mini Portable PAWe also have the popular Fender Passport 150 and 300 series compact portables, as well as the Passport Mini [right], with its simple, 2-channel vocal + guitar configuration and built-in effects. Perfect for busy buskers on the go who prefer to float from locale to locale without a lot of gear-lugging woes.

So whether you want to do some street corner crooning or you wanna rock the whole block, come on down to The Fret Shop ’cause we’ve got the gear to get you there!



In addition to bringing mahogany models to the 500 Series, Taylor has introduced three mahogany-top guitars to the 300 Series: the Dreadnought 320, Grand Concert 322, and Grand Auditorium 324.

The African Sapele back and sides of the 300 Series bring an extra splash of treble brightness to the mix, which compliments the mahogany top’s rich midrange meatiness. This series is perfect for aggressive strummers and pickers, thanks in large to mahogany’s natural compression and focused attack.

Oh, and by the way… have you stopped by the Shop lately to behold the breathtaking beauty that is the all-Koa Taylor K26e?!? Players young and old all agree it’s one of the best acoustic guitars they’ve ever played, let alone laid eyes on. (Did we mention it’s drop-dead gorgeous?) So give in to your desires and stroll on into our “Dream Room” the next time you’re in the Shop to see & hear what all the buzz is about.

Huntsville… the FALCON has landed!

Gretsch White Falcon G6139T-CBDC center-block double cutawayGretsch has raised the [twang] bar once again with their innovative new version of the venerable White Falcon-the G6139T-CBDC White Falcon center-block double cutaway guitar. The chambered, long spruce center block of the body minimizes body-resonant feedback, thus making for a more “high gain-friendly” semi-hollow, all the while retaining its legendary rich and full-bodied tone.

The White Falcon is a creamy-smooth and sultry player that straddles the lines between country, rockabilly & hard rock with ease. But don’t take our word for it… sometimes ya just gotta play it to believe it (and you know you want to–wink, nudge).


Confessions of a Gear Junkie

Unique Boutique or Clone Chic?   Are you really gaining when you pay a little

What’s in a name? Well, in the parlance of our times when it seems like everyone and their brother are hand-building “boutique” effect pedals, apparently the name on the stomp box has more to do with how much you’ll pay as opposed to the pedal itself possessing some magic juju or “special sauce” that justifies the price. After all, who wants to spend a lot on a mere clone of a vintage pedal if it doesn’t give you something extra?

JHS Pedals is one of those boutique builders who “strive for the vibe” of the classic tones we crave, and then take it to the next level. Granted, some of their products can get a tad pricey (and some are under $100), but for the most part I feel their line is priced fairly for the plethora of pristine, pro-level tones their stomps deliver.

We posted a demo video of the JHS SuperBolt Overdrive pedal on our YouTube channel [thefretshop] that showcases a truly unique overdrive based on the classic Valco/Supro amps of the 60’s, so be sure to check it out.

[pictured L to R:] SuperBolt – $199 (Valco/Supro tone at a fraction of the cost of the original), Mini True Bypass Looper – $85 (a true bypass effects loop in a micro pedal housing), Little Black Buffer – $95 (“This may be the greatest weapon you didn’t know you needed.”), and the Prestige Boost – $129 (a fantastic clean boost to bring your rig’s tone to life).

JHS Pedals now at The Fret Shop!

The 3rd Annual FENDER BENDER is coming soon!

The Fret Shop's annual FENDER BENDER is coming soon!Fender’s Summer Sonic Boom sale will expire on Sep. 2nd, but there’s still a chance to save on great Fender gear during our 3rd Annual FENDER BENDER weekend coming soon!

Super savings storewide all weekend on select Fender & Squier Guitars, Amps and Accessories. We’ll have live music out on the front porch and gear giveaways to boot, so keep an eye out for the Fret Buzz announcement soon!

Phil Weaver & Michelle Malone team up for another stellar showing at Lowe Mill

Phil Weaver & Michelle Malone team up for another stellar showing at Lowe Mill

If you love live acoustic music, then Michelle Malone’s solo slide acoustic stylings and Phil Weaver’s solo classical guitar at the Flying Monkey Theatre on September 14th at 7:30pm is an event not to be missed.

This show has consistently been a big draw for several years running, delighting listeners with two different styles of music that contrast yet complement each other.

Phil is The Fret Shop’s classical instructor, and will be playing a Spanish concert guitar with Hannabach strings through a Fishman SA-220 acoustic amp (all of which can be found at The Fret Shop).