FRET BUZZ v1.3 ~ Fender FSR’s & Taylor Spring Ltd’s; Dads-N-Grads Specials; Featured Products: Gretsch “White Panther” & Eastman T386 Semi-Hollow Electrics

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Introducing the Eastman T386

“Red Rocker-billy” vibe oozes easily out of this semi-hollow honeydripper from the master luthiers at Eastman.  True, its classic design is a nod to the famed Gibson 335, however, that’s where the similarities end and the Eastman innovation begins.


Eastman’s thinline series T386 is, in fact, as close to the real deal that you can get without paying the premium price.  Its warm, airy tones are a result of the gorgeous, Maple laminate body and dual Kent Armstrong humbuckers that go from pristine cleans, to searing leads.  The T386 has quickly become a fave amongst staffers and instructors since its arrival, yet as much as we love having it around the shop… it really deserves a good home where it will be rocked and rolled, played and pampered, and most importantly, loved by someone like you.


Fender FSR's are at TFS now!

Fender FSR’s are Here!

“FSR,” or “Fender Special Run,” denotes products that are specially commissioned by individual dealers, and built to their specifications.  These aren’t regular production models, therefore FSR instruments and amps aren’t generally available to every dealer.  So, whenever we’re able to procure these gems directly from the factory for our own customers, we take pride in knowing our customers can experience something first-hand that many can only read and/or learn about online.

Right now we have a few FSR guitars and amps that you really need to check out soon before they’re gone:

  • ’65 Princeton Reverb reissue combo in Surf-Tone Blue/White
  • 2013 Bass VI reissue in 3-tone Sunburst 
  • Ltd. Ed. ’52 Telecaster reissue in Butterscotch Blonde
  • 2013 Ltd. Ed. ’54 Stratocaster reissue in Tobacco Sunburst
  • Hot Rod Deluxe III combos in Tweed/Chocolate & Silver/Black
  • Frontman 212R combo in Cobalt Blue

Like a unique gem that one discovers but once in a lifetime, these instruments were designed with YOU in mind to be your own one-of-a-kind (well, sort of) collector’s item.  Hey, at least you can have the satisfaction of knowing that while there may only be a handful of FSR’s like yours out there… chances are, neither the cat playing in the club across the street, nor the neighbor next door will have what you have.

Taylor 2013 Spring Limiteds are here!

And speaking of limited edition gems… it can be said with confidence (as far as the TFS staff are concerned), that Taylor Guitars are one of the best companies consistently building quality acoustics today.  So leave it to Taylor to shake things up just in time for Spring.


Introducing the 2013 Taylor Spring Limiteds: The 614ce-LTD and 616ce-LTD models feature bold African Ebony, and the 410ce-LTD, 412ce-LTD, 414ce-LTD and 416ce-LTD models feature exotic Central American Granadillo.


Aside from its beautifully unique aesthetics, the African Ebony of the Spring Ltd. 600 series is an extremely robust-sounding tonewood that is warm, full-bodied and balanced, with powerful projection.  To be honest, it’s unlike any other Taylor we’ve ever played-with a girthy growl that nearly rivals the new Grand Orchestra series (sans the GO’s boominess), if that gives you an inkling of its surprising power and prowess.  This is truly a bold beast that begs to be tamed by the adventurous tone-seeker.


The Spring Ltd. 400 series sport Central American Granadillo-a bell-like tonewood more commonly used for making the wooden keys on a marimba as well as many classical guitars.  Granadillo is a lot like Indian rosewood, only denser, giving it a more chimey character.  These sexy strummers sizzle with mids and highs that make them great for flatpicking or chordal accompaniment while sitting nicely in the overall mix.


These fabulous 2013 Spring Limited Editions give Taylor aficionados the chance to own a unique instrument of distinct beauty and function that only a select fortunate few will ever possess.

Dads & Grads Deals

Dads & Grads Deals going on NOW!

Don’t let the dad or grad in your life miss out on the Dads & Grads 15% Off Strings & Accessories Deal we have going on at The Fret Shop.  Instead of another boring neck tie, how about a cool new Guitar Strap to compliment dad’s favorite Fender or treasured Taylor?  Rather than random bills of legal tender for your grad to blow on junk food and overpriced Orange Mocha-frappin-chinos, get the grad in your life a TFS Gift Card which they can use towards the accessories & strings on sale, or anything else we sell for that matter.  (Kids are so hard to buy for sometimes.)  Stop in TODAY and treat your dad & grad to a memorable (and musical) Memorial Day Weekend!


And speaking of… we will be closed on Monday, May 27th in honor of all the dads and grads who have served this great country that we proudly call home.

Gretsch White Panther

This sexy, fretted feline might purr like a kitten, but she growls like a PANTHER!  Leave it to the fine folks at Gretsch to craft a semi-hollow with balance, beauty and brawn.  After all, they’ve been doing semi-hollow electrics (and doing them right)
for almost 60 years!


The Gretsch G6137TCB White Panther is an arched top semi-hollow with unbound “f” holes, and a special chambered center block of spruce which adds tons of tone without adding too much weight.  The Panther’s bite comes from a pair of High Sensitive Filter’Tron humbuckers that easily go from The Beatles to ZZ Top and all points in between.  Classic Gretsch appointments and chrome hardware such as the “G” arrow control knobs and Bigsby B6C tremolo tailpiece add beauty and vintage vibe to this regal beast.


Drop on by The Fret Shop and take this pretty kitty on a sonic safari soon before it scratches someone else’s itch.